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Novelty with oddity. The novelty gift shop.

Tucker brings the novel gift with a dark twist direct to your door.  Your gift from the dark side weather for you or a friend will arrive packaged and ready to inspire to be bad.  Bring a naughty laugh or shy whimper Tucker has you covered.

It all began many years ago when I started making a hand crafted sewn fabric teddy bear.  I was a full on arctophile, a person who loves teddy bears. On travels in the UK one year I came across BAD TASTE BEARS, and was hooked.  A cute little teddy bear with a naughty twist.  Love at first sight. I think I have split personality as I still make my traditional bears but my dark side loves the BAD TASTE BEAR.  These naughty but delightful little bears both thrill and disgust, leaving one feeling a bit lost but wanting more.  A hand crafted perfectly made little bear with an attitude.  The collection is limited so need we say more.  From the dark mind and twisted soul of Pete Underhill, the BAD TASTE BEAR is here in South Africa to thrill and delight.

Tucker Novelties was born from the love of the dark bizarre gift.  With the BAD TASTE BEARS being the motivating force behind it.  From the moment the first bears had been delivered our passion for these bears grew.  On the page to follow you will meet these naughty but nice bears.  Not to be left out TUCKER Novelties has also brought in some other items to both inspire and disturb.  Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a person who lives on the dark side or a gift to shock, Tucker can help.  We will package and deliver your gift from the bizarre beautifully presented and with a personal touch.  Everyone likes a bit of naughty, if not naughty then mystical.  Tucker can cover it all. Allow us to shock your friends and family with a BAD TASTE BEAR, or send a message to your boss. Tucker has is sorted.

After all he is a naughty little Tucker…….get it.  The name rimes perfectly with a word that you know you want to say but cant.

With Tuckers full online store you can shop to your hearts content, add it to your basket, check out and before you can say “Tucker, you naughty little ......” the courier is at your door with your shopping from the dark side.

Enjoy the page to follow with pictures and descriptions of our collection.  Hoping it leaves you feeling like you need Tucker in your life, you need a Bad Taste Bear and some gothic items to add some flavour.